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How disinfection services can eliminate COVID-19 on your premises
Malaysia has responded to reducing the covid-19 outbreak by enforcing a strict MCO followed by a CMCO and RMCO, however, after the number of cases went up, we are now given a directive by the government to work from home and close shops by 10 pm and the purpose is simply to limit the movement of people in order to prevent the new infections spread. However, if you are an essential business or service that still has to keep functioning, it is a must for you to take all precautions in order to protect the people the employees, visitors and other public members.

For those offices and companies that have been closed, the employees, as well as other people returning to the premises, will still need an assurance that the premises are safe from the virus causing pathogens, upon their return. We know how infectious COVID-19 disease is. It rapidly spread from one city in China, Wuhan, in November 2019 to over 200 countries in about 3 months only and with no vaccine or treatment available, strict measures have been taken to prevent the harmful virus. It includes social distancing, wearing a mask and most important of all, disinfecting air, surfaces and objects that people frequently touch every day. We have seen how the number of cases has rapidly risen from less than 50 to more than 600 in a span of a month only, which is all the more reason as to why we must at all times stay vigilant and continue to use hygienic practices and of course, social distancing.
Disinfecting the key touch-points against the Covid-19 virus
Poor hand hygiene is a specific issue amongst people as people often tend to cover their mouth and nose with their hands when they cough and sneeze, which provides an active means for the virus as soon as they touch. That is how the virus is transferred to another person once they touch that contaminated surface, hence end up getting infected once they end up touching their mouth, eyes or nose.

In schools, offices, retail outlets, hotels, and public transport, there are numerous key touch-points that the public commonly shares, which includes:

  • doorknobs
  • supermarket trolleys and carry baskets
  • checkpoints or cash in general
  • petrol stations
  • rubbish bin lids
  • Kitchen and dining surfaces or kitchen equipment that everyone shares in the office like a refrigerator, ovens, water station, cutlery, coffee maker, kettles etc
  • toilet flush handles or buttons, taps
  • stair rails and handles
  • Grab and taxi and other public transport door handles etc
  • recycling areas

Researches have shown that in offices, germs can spread from an infected person to the whole office within 2–4 hours through the contaminated key touch-points that we mentioned earlier. This is the reason as to why they all need regular scheduled cleaning and disinfection with EPA approved products to ensure highest satisfaction and protection from this deadly infection.

Cleaning and disinfection of surface areas and objects play an important role in order to protect people from the COVID-19 virus. It’s very risky and difficult to return a site to be safe and COVID free after an infected person has visited the premises.

You may have regular cleaning people who do regular the cleaning tasks, however, controlling a highly dangerous infection that has led to a pandemic worldwide, of course, will need a higher level of professionalism, expertise and control or preventive measures that only a professional and licensed service company can provide.

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