Air Duct Inspection

Air Duct Inspection

Ductwork: An Introduction

Ductwork? Yes, it is the “thing” that hides behind walls and ceilings of your property. Ductwork forms part of a ventilation system that is used to distribute air through heating, venting and air conditioning systems (HVAC) in both residential and commercial properties. Is it necessary for air duct inspections you ask? Well, ever wonder why the air inside your property is comfortable when it is hot or freezing outside? Well, thanks to the great work of the ductworks running in a property connected to an HVAC system. However, it is work is not as easy as it seems especially when the ducts have a leakage of any kind or any other defects which causes the ventilation machine to perform harder in order to give out enough cooling, which results in higher energy bills too. But how aware are you of all the other defects of ductworks?

What’s Really Hiding in Your Air Duct

An enormous piece of your ductwork is concealed away, however far out should not mean out of psyche. With regards to ductworks, having an air duct inspection performed will keep your costs down and system running efficiently. If you have noticed any of the following circumstances and conditions, it is a good idea to inspect your air ducts:

  1. Debris build up inside.
  2. Seals loosened up.
  3. Insulation torn.
  4. Damages (minor or big) to the ducts
  5. Rodents or pests nested inside.
  6. A foul odor coming from the ducts due to mold.

 Still not convinced on why you should get an air duct inspection.

Air Duct Inspection Solution in Malaysia

Why is it so Important?

Simply because they GET DIRTY!

 Debris can collect inside your ducts as well as pollutants like bacteria, rodents, insects, dust mites, dander, and other allergens. What is worse is what is hidden in your ductwork blows into your living space and contaminates indoor air and dirty ducts can produce unpleasant odors, too.

 Besides, according to NADCA’s Standard for Assessment, Cleaning & Restoration of the ACMV Systems, it is encouraged that air duct inspection should be conducted every year for commercial or office buildings and factories. Especially in a wet and humid country like Malaysia, dirt and harmful particles of poisonous gases are left behind during seasons of haze, rain, and thunderstorm damages. These harmful tiny particles settle into the duct work and ACMV system of a building and are recirculated all over the workplace, unless cleaned.

How to Choose the Right Specialist?

A good Indoor Air Quality Specialist will help you make the right choices for your property which brings the best value. Below are some tips to help you find the right specialist for your ductwork’s inspection.

Know who you are choosing – Get to know who you are dealing with. For e.g., the equipment and their nature of air duct inspection. Here, we are equipped with the latest technology designed specifically for air duct inspection. Our mini robotic cameras that look like mini cars, can easily go deep inside the ducts, and can move around with ease. With the help of these mini cameras, we get a detailed video and images of the condition of the ducts.
Standards or certifications – A certified professional provides better value. Here, our experts will perform a complete MVAC inspection procedure according to the strict industry and government standards like.

Get guarantees on the work – A good company will be willing to visit your property to understand your needs and identify any potential issues. Ask for guarantees on their workmanship, you want to be sure that they can complete the kind of job that you require. In short, as Air Duct Cleaning and ACMV professionals, we assess the whole duct system, and we inspect to know what we are up against then we make the best decision for your duct work.

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