Mold Decontamination


A clean and healthy air indoors is everyone’s basic right since we spend a large part of our time, everyday indoors. Poor IAQ (Indoor air Quality) is mostly due to the presence of various biological contaminants present inside the buildings because of poor performance of MVAC systems resulting with increased moisture in the air and surfaces of the building. Moisture also leads to a chemical or biological deterioration of materials (molds) which leads to polluting the indoor air. Mold is a fungi that grows on organic surface in a conducive environment and can potentially grow anywhere where there is moisture. They reproduce through spores carried in the air and land on another damp place resulting in further mold growth. Remediation of the mold can be carried out by using various methods depending on the seriousness of the problem (mold growth). Mold is a big problem Malaysia deals with, being a hot and extremely humid country. And of all the primary conditions, moisture is the basic requirement for mold to grow.


Several of the common causes that result in the moisture and mold problems include:

  1. Faulty construction
  2. Poor insulation
  3. Water leakage from damaged pipes
  4. Leakage through faulty gutter system or roof
  5. Flooding due to heavy rainfall or groundwater intrusions
  6. Water coming in from the leakages in the sewerage or plumbing system inside the facility.

Decontamination of mold is a process that cannot be simply eradicated by only using a product. Poor cleaning techniques and equipment could spread the mold problem further than completely remove it. The best any product could also do is control the spread but they certainly won’t remove the problem. Only by mechanically removing mold, can it be eliminated once and for all.

At IAQ Diagnostics, our qualified mold experts, can confirm the type of solution needed after a mold inspection. The inspection can help to identify the causes of humidity inside a facility that leads to the mold growth. Depending on the spread of the mold, we will suggest either a spot mold remediation or full mold remediation. We deal with mold growth not only on the walls, flooring, or carpets, but also equipment or tools inside your facility be it a lab, container or any enclosed big or small space, ACMV systems (air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems), wherever the mold is present, we excel at getting rid of the problem for you.

ACMV systems (air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems), wherever the mold is present, we excel at getting rid of the problem for you.

Our team of specialists at mold removal focus on identifying the cause of the problem and then provide recommendations to find a permanent solution for all the mold problems. We take care of the whole process, starting from mold inspection, to testing and prevention plans. Our company has:

  1. Certifications.
  2. Specialised and most advanced formula solutions, tools and equipment.
  3. Knowledge and expertise to minimise the removal of materials in the affected area, in order to save on your restoration costs.
  4. Years of experience and we guarantee the best possible results.


“Water accumulation in indoor environments can lead to mold growth, which has been associated with human health effects. Since mold requires water to grow, it is important to prevent moisture problems in buildings. Poor understanding of the engineering mechanism, poor installation of the engineering system and construction and poor maintenance of health care facilities are some of the factors that cause mold contamination.

Indoor mold growth can be prevented or minimised by actively monitoring, inspecting and correcting buildings for moisture problems and managing water damage materials. It will help those in charge of maintenance to evaluate an in-house remediation plan.” – Haji Md. Jalal Bin Bongkik (Director of the Engineering Services Division, MOH)

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