The pandemic of COVID-19 has been an unexpected and unpleasant surprise for mankind all across the globe. With this global emergency lurking overhead, people all over the world are panicking and desperately looking for ways in which COVID-19 can be eliminated and the risk of it reduced to a great extent. Even though there is much information available on the on-going situation on all the different media communications, there are still many people around the globe that are looking for ways in which they can be absolutely sure that the virus is nowhere near them. Prevention is better than cure, and in this case sometimes the only cure is prevention.

Many countries have imposed nationwide lockdowns to contain and control the spread of the virus and keep it under control. With a lockdown, people are now confined indoors, leaving greater responsibility on the shoulders of the people managing other people in residential and other kinds of spaces. This includes building managers, hospital management, and business managers striving to survive in this new and definitely tough environment. Experts believe that effective management and steps taken can eliminate Corona virus to a controllable extent. This virus is here to stay; therefore, some steps now need to be part of daily life activities of people across the globe, to prevent the virus from resurfacing once it has subsided hopefully.

For businesses of essential products and services, the lockdown requirements are not as tough, they are allowed to operate, however with strict measures taken alongside. The measures need to be taken in order to a) avoid catching the virus and b) avoid spreading the virus to other people because of selling products and services to them. Therefore, there is a big responsibility on the shoulders of business managers for preventative measures. The main way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is through rapid and quick disinfection that takes place around the clock.

Corona Virus spreads rapidly, starting from a single city in China; the disease has spread to around 200 countries across the globe infecting around 4 million people. According to experts, disinfecting surfaces and surrounding areas has been found to be the most effective way of eliminating SARS-CoV-2, which is the pathogen causing Corona Virus. Disinfecting the virus includes using products that destroy the cell wall of the organism and tempering with its metabolism, thus leaving it practically disarmed and harmless.

Thorough cleaning of surfaces and places that are frequently touched and used should be made a habit at least two times a day. These surfaces include the common touching areas like door knobs and handles, trollies in grocery marts, petrol stations, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and toilets, and the interior and exterior of cars. Bathroom cleaning is being considered an essential element while discussing disinfection of surfaces, as corona virus infected people are found to carry the virus in their feces, which can potentially spread in the bathroom with droplets splashing during toilet flushes in the bathroom for other people to get exposed to. Therefore, disinfecting bathrooms of hospitals and other public areas along with the ones in houses need to be given utmost priority.

Disinfection is done effectively with the help of good quality disinfectants like Halomist, which are known to kill and eliminate pathogenic viruses. Disinfection should be done after cleaning the surfaces, as cleaning alone can reduce the risk of infection spreading. Soap, chlorine bleach and alcohol are known to be effective in the killing of COVID-19. Specifically speaking, the virus can be neutralized with the help of ethanol, chloroform except for chlorhexidine, peroxyacetic acid and disinfectants containing chlorine.

Some factors can help disinfection in becoming extremely effective including having proper ventilation in the area where the toxicity of disinfectants can be aired out along with any fumes and smells. Moreover, there should be no recirculation of air in the indoor space, as this can be a cause of virus spreading inside rather than going out in the open. Access to sunlight is also a great aid to the disinfection process as sunlight can naturally kill many bad bacteria. Along with these measures, disinfection needs to be done while protecting oneself with the necessary protective gear as these can be harsh on the skin.

Disinfecting the Corona Virus can be the only way in to prevent the virus from spreading. It is anticipated that new waves of the virus are expected to come after the first one has subsided. Disinfection is likely to become a common daily life activity even after the pandemic is over, to prevent oneself not only from a pathogenic virus but all kinds of existing and emerging pathogens. Elimination of bacteria quickly can effectively nip the problem in the bud and prevent the spread instantly.