Indoor Air Quality


Monitoring of indoor air quality prevents indoor conditions from pollution and reduces the exposure of workers.
We monitor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), since we spend about 90% of our time breathing “indoor air.” Unlike outdoor air, indoor air is continually recycled which causes it to trap and build up pollutants. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) characteristics include indoor air pollutant concentrations, as well as air temperature and humidity.
Pollutant Major Sources Potential Health Effects*
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Excessive Building Occupancy and Inadequate Ventilation./td> Fatigue; Eye, Nose and Throat Irritation; Headaches; Chest Discomfort; Respiratory Tract Symptoms
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Appliances, Wood and Coal Stoves, Tobacco Smoke and Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Angina, Impaired Vision and Mental Functioning, Fatal at High Concentrations
Organic Chemical (VOC) Pesticides, Paints, Moth Repellents, Air Fresheners, Dry cleaned Clothing and Treated Water Headaches; Loss of Coordination; Damage to Liver, Kidney and Brain; Various Types of Cancer
Ozone Malfunctioning Air Treatment Systems; and Office Photocopiers and Printers Eye, Nose and Throat Irritation; Coughing; Chest Discomfort; Reduced Lung Function; Shortness of Breath
Particulate Matter (PM) Cigarettes, Wood and Coal Stoves, Fireplaces, Aerosol Sprays and House Dust Eye, Nose and Throat Irritation; Increased Susceptibility to Respiratory Infections and Bronchitis; Lung Cance
Formaldehyde Pressed Wood Products e.g. plywood and MDF; Furnishings; Wallpaper; Durable Press Fabrics Eye, Nose and Throat Irritation; Headache; Allergic Reactions; Cancer
Biological Agents (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Animal Dander, Dust Mites) House Dust; Pets; Bedding; Poorly Maintained Air Conditioners, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers; Wet or Moist Structures; Furnishings Allergic Reactions; Asthma; Eye, Nose and Throat Irritation; Humidifier Fever, Influenza and Other Infectious Diseases
Our experts can facilitate you to access reliable and up-to-date information to tackle indoor air quality issues. This will safeguard you and your employees and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. The includes reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and reduced energy costs.


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