Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning

The MVAC systems of an Industrial building plays the role of “lungs” that circulates the air in and out of each area in order to encourage a constant level of comfort and airflow. It requires maintenance not only for efficient cooling but also for clean IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Through time, pollutants like dust and debris, cloth fibres, animal and human hair, pollen, small pieces of paper or tobacco remains gather inside the ducts and coils. All these components lead to microbial growth, spores and mold inside the ducts. Industrial facilities have quite a complex system of MVAC which needs maintenance, attention and proper care.


Industrial Duct cleaning also helps businesses to save money on energy consumption and improving the IAQ, by removing dirt and dust from the MVAC system. Following are more advantages of clean ducts:
  • Prevents loud noises coming from the ducts
  • An increase in the productivity of the employees
  • An increase in the indoor air flow and air quality
  • An increase in the lifespan of the MVAC equipment
  • Eliminating the foul odor emitting from the ducts
  • Reduces the risk of fire in MVAC systems
    (How? In the manufacturing industries that discharge fumes, smoke, chemical or gas toxins, that have combustive dust present inside. Flammable components like lint or oil can be ignited by a nearby source of heat sparks.)
  • Reduces the risk of Duct Collapse
    (How? A heavy stock of residue inside the ducts may block the air passage. Due to this, they will be unable to draw air well which could result in the collapse or falling down of the duct because of the weight.)
Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Services
According to a research conducted by the EPA, a dirt buildup of 0.42” on a cooling coil decreases the performance of the cooling coils by 21%. Moreover, blockages in terminal boxes, VAV boxes, coils found in the Industrial MVAC systems can also restrict the airflow, leading to more stress on the air handler increasing the energy consumption.
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