Air Balancing

Air Balancing

What is Air Balancing?

If you have an MVAC system in your facility, then it is essential for you to learn what air balancing is and the system performance can do to your indoor air quality. Air Balancing is a process of distributing the right amount of air of your air conditioning system to your indoor space. 

Air balancing is the process in which helps to improve the efficiency of the MVAC system to make sure that the temperature is consistent so that it feels comfortably conditioned in all the rooms of a building. In other words, it is the equal adjustment of the volume of airflow or delivering the right amount of air inside each room of the building.

The Purpose of Air Balancing

For simple reasons, regardless of how well maintained your air conditioner is, there is a chance that it is not distributing the right amount of air from your air conditioning system to your indoor space because it relies on the building’s MVAC system. This is when the Air balancing comes to the pictures. Air Balancing aims to correct these types of airflow issues. 

Air Balancing Services in Malaysia

How does Air Balancing Works

Air Balancing process involves testing and modification of the MVAC system so that a suitable amount of air conditioning is distributed in every nook and corner of the building. Other than improving the level of comfort during summers, it also helps to improve the efficiency of air conditioning and reduce the energy consumption or wearing off the MVAC parts. It may also involve adjustment of the ducts or installation of dampers to ensure that the air does not directly blow on to a person.

Benefits of Air Balancing

Energy Efficiency
It is common sense that an unbalanced airflow in a building or facility will require the MVAC system to work harder than it should. Hence, by fixing the air flow problems, we can be sure that the energy being used for air conditioning isn’t getting wasted.
MVAC Life Span
A good airflow reduces the amount of the built up dust and mold that collects inside the MVAC system with the period of time. This results in the increase of the efficiency of the performance of MVAC system and good air flow.
Comfort Level
Air balancing helps to bring the right amount of conditioned or cool air into all rooms and eliminate stuffiness.
Better Air Quality
A cleaner and more efficient exchange of air flow improves the quality of air by reducing the amount of pollen, dust and other harmful bacteria in the air inside the building.

MVAC system problems that air balancing can help to diagnose.

By reviewing the information and results from the tests that we conduct to check air balancing, our team will have a better picture of the efficiency of the MVAC system.

We can make a virtual map showing the air balance inside your building and pinpoint temperature instabilities and indicate the hidden problem. If our team estimates that an unbalanced airflow is the reason of reduction in MVAC system’s efficacy, we will first do a duct work assessment to know the issues like, air leaks, blockages, loose duct joints, damaged air ducts etc and then we will perform a diagnostic testing with the help of our specialized equipment.

Our diagnostic testing includes the following steps:

Diagnostic Testing
  1. Collection stationary pressure readings on both: supply and return sides of the MVAC system with the help of manometer.
  2. Measurement of the result of the conditioned air from the supply side using a flow hood.
  3. Assesing an increase or decrease in the temperature, humidity and heat with a hygrometer
After Testing
Once the assessment is done, the team will enter all the collected results into a particular specialized computer software which will calculate the airflow of the system. if the software says that the air-flow is imbalanced, then the software pro-gram will provide recommendations like:
  1. Proper fixation/sealing/insulation required of the damaged duct work
  2. Installing extra return ducts if needed
  3. Adding more dampers
  4. Changing the settings of air fillter etc
  5. Adjustment of the fan speed of the blower

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Routine maintenance may not need to include air balancing. However, you may require air balancing
services should your tenant or occupant has recently carried out renovations works. Anything that can
impede airflow can make a room too hot or too cold, so be vigilant about monitoring temperatures.
Air flow through the duct system is what carries heating or cooling to each room in your home. By
adjusting the volume of air flow, we adjust the amount of heating or cooling that a room needs to
become comfortable.
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