HALOSIL – Surface Disinfection

There are many disinfection formula that professionals use in order to protect the public from various bacteria and viruses. However, not all disinfectant solutions are of the same standard. IAQ Diagnostics takes pride in using Halosil as their solution product. The reason is its dynamic and synergistic formula, which is 3 times more than any standard Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant available in the market today. A basic hydrogen peroxide, that other cleaning and disinfectant service providers use, has a limited killing mechanism, efficacy and stability. Whereas, Halosil is an extremely stable and a multiple spectra product and is the only available product today that can deliver the result that you demand.

Differences between a basic H2O2 and Halosil

Hydrogen Peroxide is the simplest peroxide, more viscous than water. It is used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent and antiseptic. Where a basic H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) commodity has a single dimensional killing mechanism, allowing for bacterial resistance to occur, Halosil boasts multiple mechanisms of killing action. It attacks the cell membrane, DNA and enzymes which result in an effective elimination with no chance of bacterial resistance.

Moreover, H2O2 in is highly reactive because its transformation to water and oxygen increases as the temperature rises. Whereas Halosil’s formula is thermally stable and it releases three times less oxygen, making it non-flammable.

Also, in the presence of organic matter, (proteins, dust, carbonates etc) H2O2 will not be able to maintain microbiological control unless large amounts are used to flood the system. Halosil, on the other hand, maintains its effectiveness in even a heavily contaminated water. Studies have shown that the dynamic formula of Halosil replaces H2O2 at a of 1:5.

How Halosil functions

Halosil combines H2O2 and silver ions and releases non-reactive radicals and immediately begin to attack the membranes of the micro-organisms. The cells of the microorganisms get weakened and allow the silver ions to enter inside them. Then the silver and H2O2 together destroy the micro-organism.

Halosil formula binds itself to the enzymes and DNA to stop the replication. Hence, as a result, it incapacitates the source of energy of the cell leading it to instant death.

What’s more? During this process, the HzO2 decomposes into water and Water decomposes into oxygen, creating a highly toxic environment for the bacteria. Halosil disinfectant also does not need to be rinsed, instead, it will decompose itself into water and oxygen. It also does not contain any ingredients like chlorine or bromine.

Due to its extraordinary dynamic and synergistic formula, Halosil solution has been added to the EPA’s N-list products. It is also proven to kill SARS-Cov-2 (COVID -19). Halo Disinfection system delivers the performance that is unmatched by any other chemical or even UV disinfection.

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