Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The Kitchen Exhaust System is the most important part of a cooking establishment and it’s poor performance can cause a lot of problems. IAQ Diagnostics is committed to provide a deep cleaning of the entire kitchen exhaust system, from the hood in the kitchen and inside the ducts, to the fan on the roof, extraction filters, drip trays and canopies etc. Most of the other companies usually just provide a quick and easy exhaust hood cleaning service, which does not include cleaning of extraction filters, drip trays and other small, yet important, components of the exhaust system. According to a research, it was found that 55% of all the fires start in kitchen, hence the reason it is all the more important for the restaurant and other eating and drinking establishments to make sure that the exhaust system is cleaned by a qualified and certified professional service provider who are committed to clean all the parts of an exhaust system according to the highest international standards. Being a member of IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association), we follow the complete inspection and cleaning guidelines shared by the association with us. Our aim is to help you protect precious health of the employees and maintain a profitable business by helping you to prevent fires because of the dirty exhaust system.


When we cook, grease and smoke particles are extracted and set into the system’s filters, located inside the hood, ducts, exhaust fan and even off onto the roof. The exhaust fan draws the air out into the hood, through the filters and into the ducts. Without a regular and thorough grease cleaning, the grease and smoke particles gather in the exhaust system’s fan. As time passes, the ducts and the fan’s blades get coated with layers of grease particles. It creates high chances of a fire hazard, and also the grease makes the weight on the fan blades heavier, causing the motor to exert more energy in order to operate. As a result, your energy bills as well as chances of fire hazard increase, as the exhaust motor fan’s performance decreases. These accumulated contaminants inside the exhaust system in the kitchen of a commercial establishment also very easily pollute both; the workplace as well as the environment and health of employees. More absence of employees will also bring an impact on the quality of production of the business.


Technology in every field keeps innovating every year and so does new methods and solutions. That is why through inspection services, from the companies who are members of the international associations, will only provide you with better solutions for your business. Moreover, under NFPA-96, SCDF requires for the Kitchen Exhaust Ducts to be cleaned every 12 months. Committing to routine cleanings and maintenance of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning will not only help with the prevention of fires but also save extra cost on energy as well as the money that is spent on equipment repairs. Regular cleaning will reduce the risk of fire and also get rid of the nasty odors inside the premises. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is the process where the grease is removed that is formed inside the walls of the ducts and hoods blades of the fans and other parts of the kitchen exhaust system.

Most of the kitchen exhaust cleaning services provide basic services with basic solutions. All personnel at IAQ Diagnostics is always updated and educated about the cleaning techniques, formula of the solutions used as well as about the equipment. Our staff have the knowledge of and understand the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Code 96 as well as the IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association) standards. Inspection and cleaning must be done quarterly, semi-annually and annually, depending on the type of cookery done on daily basis at the facility. These inspections are compulsory for a business to be in compliance with the hygiene standards set up by the government. The routine cleaning also will help you to save energy, money, and even lives and business.

What do you profit from it?

Depending on the volume of the grease inside the exhaust system, we use apply advanced cleaning formula solution manually in order to disperse the grease and dirt that is accumulated inside through time, and facilitates in cleaning the inside of the system thoroughly. We have all the required and updated technology and equipment to perform the task. If necessary, scrapers may also be used in order to remove the stubborn grease and dirt build-up (it complies with the Uniform Fire Code) and is done until the grease is cleared to bare metal. We have researched and invested in absolutely best, state-of-the-art equipment, solutions and tools. You will benefit partnering up with us because we not only clean better than the rest but also quicker, thanks to our high powered hot water pressure washers, magnetic duct scrapers, proprietary Eco-friendly solutions and techniques that are shared with us by the IKECA. Our word is our bond!
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