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In today’s era, all of us want to breathe in a safer, more clean and fresh air. The MVAC (Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system should be cleaned frequently in order for them to work efficiently and produce the quality air that we want to breathe in. When the MVAC system is dirty, they may not work as efficiently and produce clean air in our offices and workplaces as they should. It can result in the decrease of the life span of the system as the system ends up running more heavily which leads to an increase in both; energy consumption and utility bills.

The air that flows through the coils inside the MVAC system contains dust, pollen and other particles. Since the coils inside are usually wet or damp due to the humidification process, dirt and bacteria easily sticks to the coils. This dirt, when gathers inside, affects the efficacy of the system. That is the reason why steam is the safest and often recommended to clean the MVAC system’s coils. We don’t need to use any harmful chemicals, and yet, it can still remove and clean the dirt that builds up deep inside the system. It also effectively removes the grime which, otherwise, is very hard to remove from the MVAC coils.

MVAC Steam Cleaning Services in Malaysia

How it works?

Dry steam is produced at a very high temperature and higher pressure which removes wet dirt and kills mold, viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms as soon as it touches the surface, leaving it completely clean. It does so without damaging any fragile and expensive parts of the system, saving excess water consumption. It also reaches out to treat the deeper and most inaccessible areas of the system. In short, the high and hot temperature and pressure of the steam moistens and loosens the dirt and grime without the need to scratch or twist the fragile surfaces, leaving the surface inside squeaky clean. With this service, one doesn’t need to worry about the potential dangerous chemicals compounds being released into the air or water system.


It is an effective, chemical free cleaning process of the MVAC system that:
  • Increases air flow
  • Saves energy consumption
  • Will not destroy or erode any parts of the MVAC system
  • Maximizes the life and efficiency of the MVAC system
  • Immediately eliminates pathogens, mold, fungi in the system

Let’s take advantage of the benefits listed above and apply steam cleaning at our workplace. Dust mites and dust build up deeply embed inside the ducts and other components of the MVAC system and the high heat and pressure opens up the surfaces resulting in a much neater and cleaner space with lesser chances for even the employees to get ill.

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